Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Esrog Tree Is Now One Year Old!!!

In case there was any confusion about the picture of a plant that occupies my profile, let me introduce to you my esrog tree. Last year my esrog was dissected and some esrog seeds were preserved on cotton. This process has been done for years, but I have never had any substantial results. This year the seeds finally germinated, and the result has been some very nice house plants, and some equally nice blog pictures. To celebrate the birthday of my tree, I have shared some of the pictures of the various stages of growth over the course of this year.

Also, there is another plant which sits on the other side of the window sill that is a younger brother to this one. Unfortunately, this plant suffers from Second Child Syndrome, and I don't have half as many pictures of it as I do of the first one. It was a little late to the game so it doesn't even get a birthday party.

Even if the second one suffers from SCS, at least it did not suffer the fate of the purple plant shown in some of the pictures above. My mother always hated that plant, and eventually it had to go.

Now you see it

Now you don't

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