Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Finally Have a Blog Title!!!

Everyone knows that the hardest part about starting an essay is coming up with the first few sentences. Similarly, the hardest part about starting a blog is figuring out what title to use. I don't claim that this truism applies to all people, and I don't think the first few bloggers had much trouble picking a nice creative title. But these days, with a saturation of bloggers on the Internet, creative people are forced to become superparamegaomegacreative. This is why it probably took me exponentially longer to think of a title than it took some other people, but I believe that I have finally been able to overcome this first obstacle.

After trying over a dozen superparacreative titles before realizing that most of the greatest titles were already taken (not to mention that they were already thought of as well), I decided to just be a little more normal. I didn't even intend to be acting superparamegacreative; I just made my blog address "normal." Of course, as can be expected in this normal world, "normal" was already taken. I then used a mathematical trick taken from my training in probability and statistics, and I changed my "normal" distribution or bell curve title into a "lognormal" distribution title. Unfortunately, others have already thought of taking the natural log of the "normal" title (I should have known that I am not the only one that knows that kind of math). I was forced to twist the title, and take it to the next level. As is done quite often in the "blog" titles, I added a "B" to the "lognormal" title. But this title didn't work either. It seems that "blognormal" is actually very normal. But then I took one last step. I decided that my blog would not be "blognormal" but "Ablognormal." At this point I seemed to have found some uncharted territory in the blogosphere, and I was very pleased with the discovery.

At this point I feel my title is either superparamegacreative, or it is just not normal.

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